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media language


Neale tell us that there are no fixed lists of ingredients that determine genre. Genre driven products, he argues, create audience appeal through the repetition of some ingredients some of the time.

Indeed, products adapt those genre based formulas to maintain their commercial viability and to maximise audience engagement.

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"...a truly insightful book which addresses important changes in today’s media landscape"

Sonia Livingstone: LSE


Neale: repetition & difference

Revision handout that develops understanding of essential Neale theory.

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4.1 genre use/subversion in texts

Analysis sheet that explores the genre driven codes that set texts use.

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4.5 set text institutional relay analysis

Helps students diagnose the use/effects of intertextual-relay on set texts


Neale: industry & genre analysis

Handout that explores the use of genre labelling in marketing.

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4.2 set text genre subversion analysis

Analysis sheet that explores why products subvert genre driven codes.


Neale: industry & genre analysis

Share, edit and save this e-PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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4.4 auteur & institutional effects on genre

Explores the impact of institution ethos and media creatives on set texts.

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