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media representation


Hall's academic work helped to construct an understanding of how the media industry and the routine production practices employed to make media products shape the representational output of the products we watch and read.

Hall also shone a critical light on media’s ability to reinforce social inequalities through stereotyping.


Selection processes and stereotypes

Student learning tasks that cover selection effects and stereotyping.

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6.3 social groups and stereotyping

Research activity exploring stereotyping of minority groups.


Selection processes and stereotypes

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6.4 social groups and stereotyping

Set text analysis that identifies the internalising potential of stereotypes.

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6.1 stereotypes in newspapers

Newspaper set text analysis sheet that investigates stereotyping.

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6.5 transcoding in set texts

Worksheet exploring countertypes and transcoding in set texts.

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"...a truly insightful book which addresses important changes in today’s media landscape"

Sonia Livingstone: LSE

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