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media audiences



Fan readings of professional media, according to Jenkins, often produce oppositional responses to the meanings intended by their creators.

Indeed, fandoms, for Jenkins, are visible markers of an audience’s capacity to produce aberrant readings of professional media, and provide substantial evidence that audiences are active media consumers.


Textual poaching and appropriation

Helps students understand the use and effects of fan fiction.

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18.2 set text convergence analysis

Analysis sheet that identifies audience/producer convergence effects.


Audience/producer convergence

Examines the impact of digital tech on fan activity.

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18.3 social media & fan labour

Analysis sheet that explores social media marketing techniques.


Participatory culture & digital media

Explores the difference between commercial web 2.0 & online activism.

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"...a truly insightful book which addresses important changes in today’s media landscape"

Sonia Livingstone: LSE

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