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media language


The impact of Baudrillard’s writing has been enormous – introducing a whole new glossary of media terminology – hyperreality, media implosion and simulacra - to name just a few terms.


The real power of Baudrillard's writing, however, lies in his suggestion that contemporary mass media messages are inescapable and all-consuming, yet, conversely, empty of meaning.

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"...a truly insightful book which addresses important changes in today’s media landscape"

Sonia Livingstone: LSE


Baudrillard: the real and hyperreal

Flipped worksheet exploring key features of the postmodern age.

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5.6 reality/fiction blurring in TV drama

Guided analysis that explores realised fiction in television drama set texts.

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5.3 meaning implosion in newspapers

Analysis sheet that investigates how meaning is neutered by newspapers

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5.5 hyperreal inertia in advertising

Worksheet exploring the effects of advertising on the wider media.

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