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Assassin's Creed

AC Fandom


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Jenkins tells us that contemporary digital media developments have enabled what he calls ‘audience producer convergence’. Digital technologies have brought together the makers and customers of media products for the mutual benefit of each party. 

Certainly, Assassin's Creed Liberation provides a great deal of evidence to corroborate this view. Ubisoft’s nurturing of fan power through the development of an Assassin's Creed wiki  forum exploits the digital labour of fans, giving Ubisoft releases access to the marketing potential of fans' social netowrks. 

The 937,000 views of the official ACL3 trailer On YouTube, coupled with the 10 million members of the official Facebook ACL page, testify to the power of the AC fan power in helping to market the product through the media flows of the product’s users. 

The AC franchise further facilitates fan engagement through fan kit giveaways and exclusive content as well the construction of a yearly AC celebration day that invites audiences to share their fan based activity online.

Audience/producer convergence

Refers to audience/producer interconnectivity in the digital era. Fan activity, for example, can force makers to adapt content. Producers, conversely, use fan networks to distribute/market their output.

Media terminology used

Fan labour

The work (often free of charge) executed by fans and audiences that helps media makers to distribute and/or market their output.

Media flow

Refers to the distribution of professional media products using the digital networks of audiences. Fans, for example, might call attention to a product by 'liking' or 'reposting' content.

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