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Assassin's Creed

Synergistic effects

Curran and Seaton

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Ubisoft's lack of conglomerate status presents the company with some significant distribution and promotion oriented problems. 

To compensate for their lack of vertical and horizontal integration, Ubisoft have used a range of alternative marketing and distribution practices to help them achieve global brand visibility.

The synergistic relationship with Sony in creating Assassin's Creed Liberation facilitated an informal vertically aligned company structure. Partnering with a major global hardware producer also gave Ubisoft access to Sony’s huge market presence in Asia. The partnership also resulted in the joint marketing of ACL3 in a move that produced  significant cost savings in terms of advertising outlay. 

The bundling, too, of Assassin's Creed with the new PS Vita console also created global interest in the gaming content of Ubisoft and potentially generated brand prestige for the company in that they were officially partnered with a premium hardware developer.

Curran and Seaton might argue that the relatively small size of Ubisoft required them to undertake these creative partnering strategies so that they could simulate the presence of a major global company.


A large company - usually one with a global presence - that owns lots of smaller companies or subsidiaries.

Media terminology used

Synergistic relationship

Two separate media organisations working together in a manner that benefits both organisations.

Vertical integration

Ownership of subsidiaries that enables a media producer to produce, promote and distribute products. This expansion strategy allows conglomerates to control all aspects of production.

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