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Kiss of the Vampire

Connotative effects


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The Kiss of the Vampire movie poster is rich with elements to produce connotative effects. The simple presence of the billing block at the bottom of the poster suggests immediately that this is a film specific product, while the Gothic font face and black red colour palette used subsequently suggest the horror genre. 

Further visual iconography in the form of bats/capes/the night time setting and vampire teeth suggests the sub genre of the film.

The positioning and proxemics of characters in the central pyramid formation also tells us a great deal about the relative power of each of the depicted representations. The left-hand positioning of the swooning female suggests her position as one of the film central protagonists. 

The high eyelines of the two vampire characters connotes the relative power that these antagonists wield over their victims.


Refers to the distance between actors or models in imagery. The closer the characters are to one another the closer their relationship.

Media terminology used

Pyramid composition

A film marketing design technique that places a cast in a triangular shaped composition. Character positioning relates to their importance in the narrative.

Gothic fonts

A type of font that looks very old - usually using highly ornate lettering. These fonts connote an archaic/historical feel and are often used to suggest 'horror' themes

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