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I Daniel Blake



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Hesmondhalgh argues that contemporary media producers reduce the risk of product failure by forging alliances and synergies with other media producers. 

I, Daniel Blake provides a hugely interesting example of the importance of that dynamic through the informal relationship Sixteen Films affected with the Daily Mirror. 

The Mirror promoted the film through conventional reviews and extensive news coverage of the grassroots campaign orchestrated by E-One productions. E-One pointedly suggests that the resulting net worth of those stories was estimated to amount to £15 million pounds worth of free publicity. 

The synergistic fit between the Mirror and I, Daniel Blake produced free news content for the paper that matched the left-wing ideological bias of the title while simultaneously enabling the film to construct audience appeal for the Mirror’s working class readership.

Synergistic relationship

Two separate media organisations working together in a manner that benefits both organisations.

Media terminology used

Left-wing bias

Products that support left-wing political ideologies are said to have a left-wing bias. Left wing political ideologies champion investment in public services (education/health/localgovernment) and generally argue for higher taxation to pay for thoseservices. The left-wing political party in the UK is the Labour party.

Risk aversion

When produce content deliberately lacks controversy. Newspapers, for example, might pursue a risk averse editorial mix to maximise advertising income or to cultivate a mainstream audience.

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