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Black Panther

Black Panther marketing

Curran and Seaton

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Disney’s multisector credentials helped Black Panther globally orchestrate a 360° marketing campaign. 360° marketing involves the simultaneous and controlled release of marketing messages on traditional and new media platforms as well as ‘below the line’ marketing strategies. 

Indeed, Marvel’s high-profile position enabled them to cultivate a slow-burn marketing strategy - seeding advertisements for the film in cinema and online as early as 2010. 

Disney’s conglomerate status also facilitated a $37 million spend on television advertising in America alone, whilst Black Panther’s sophisticated online campaign used transmedia storytelling to give viewers additional information regarding the imaginary country of Wakanda. Disney’s connections to other sector big players also granted access to events like the San Diego Comic Con convention where high profile stars gave exclusive appearances.

Black Panther also affected connections with a previously hard-to-reach black audience through its carefully orchestrated grassroots marketing campaign that linked the movie with a number of black friendly charity events.

360 degree marketing

Marketing that uses all possible means to engage and nurture customer interest. 360 campaigns use traditional advertising (trailers & print) alongside social media to maximise customer engagement.

Media terminology used

Slow burn campaign

A marketing campaign that builds awareness over a long time scale. Slow burn campaigns are used for products that are expected to have a long shelf life and/or have a relatively small public profile.

Transmedia storytelling

The use of several different media forms to tell a story. Narratives might distributed as TV drama, for example, with accompanying story content or character information also available online.

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