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Black Panther

Marvel buyout

Curran and Seaton

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The Disney takeover of Marvel films in 2008 gives the conglomerate access to a wide range of branded content that the Disney are using to diversify their mainstream audience reach. 

In expanding horizontally, Disney is also able to share production and distribution expertise across its production subsidiaries. The Marvel acquisition also generates more content for its new Disney+ streaming service. 

It is no accident, however, that the Disney logo is omitted from all marketing material connected to the release of Black Panther. The core Disney brand - associated with its family-based/female orientated viewership - is insulated from the more violent male oriented offerings of BP. 

The use of Marvel branding to market the film also invests Black Panther with a series of independent production based values that plays well with its older male reach.

Horizontal integration

The ownership of subsidiaries that produce similar products or services. Reach PLC for instance is horizontally integrated as a result of its owning both The Daily Mirror and The Star.

Media terminology used


A company controlled by a much larger company.

Mainstream audience

Describes a media audience who come from a wide variety of backgrounds or socioeconomic groups. Products made for mainstream audiences often lack controversy or foreground light entertainment.

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