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Black Panther

#BlackPanther so lit


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The strategies adopted by Black Panther also relied upon a marketing image of the film that offered audiences a product that demonstrated genre difference. 

Black Panther, unlike other conventional superhero driven films engaged in overt political and social commentary. The release, for instance, of the film during Black History month helped to seal the production credentials as an ethnically aware product. 

Moreover, the grassroots elements of Disney’s campaign - the use of charity events and the Wakanda based New York fashion shows enabled the film to create a meaningful and credible connection with the economic concerns of a black audiences globally. 

Significantly, the foregrounding of the film’s black cast also capitalised on the Oscar whitewashing furore of the 2015/16 Oscar ceremonies which resulted in limited nominations for black film professionals and resulted in the accusation that Hollywood was institutionally racist.

Genre difference

Neale tells us that media producers make products with identifiable genre ingredients to satisfy audience demand, but they also inject novelty so that their output doesn't feel too repetitive.

Media terminology used

Grassroots marketing

A marketing campaign that uses local groups to spread awareness. Grassroots campaigns start by seeding ideas to small groups in the hope that those groups will spread the desired message.


Where a non-white character is played by a white actor. Can also be used to describe the wholesale absence of non-white actors from media products.

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