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Black Panther

Risk minimisation


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Disney, as a global commercial conglomerate, has to make sure that its products are positioned to achieve maximum financial success. 

To help sustain their global profitability for BP, Disney crafted its marketing campaign to ensure that its audience understood the genre driven nature of the film. The rich use of CGI accompanied by the outlining of a quest-based superhero narrative within the trailer of the film ensures audiences understand that Marvel’s latest offering offers mainstream entertainment values. 

Importantly, the foregrounding of the Marvel logo during the trailer also outline the product’s brand identity for an inherited audience who want to consume products that are linked to the Marvel cinematic universe. 

Hesmondhalgh would argue that the use of the strategies outlined above would help Disney to mitigate the high-risk stakes of media production.


A large company - usually one with a global presence - that owns lots of smaller companies or subsidiaries.

Media terminology used

Quest narrative

A narrative that sends the central hero on a journey, usually to repair any narrative equilibrium constructed at the start of a story. Quests, when completed, transform heroes.

Pre-sold audiences

Usually constructed through the use of star power or because a product is heavily marketed as genre driven. Both of these formatting techniques create pre-release fan-based appeals.

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