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Media Theory Revision Guide

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The Times

Denotation & Connotation


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In deciphering the impact of the Times front page one mustn’t forget the use of repeated motifs and backgrounded material. 

The serif font used for the masthead connotes tradition and authority - a set of connotations that are further reinforced through the use of heraldic Times logo in the middle of the page that conveys a regal sense of British tradition. 

Coupled with the broadsheet sized pages, these elements combine to suggest that the content of the paper is trustworthy, and, moreover, that its news is traditionally focussed on UK subject oriented content.


A type of newspaper - traditionally identifiable by their larger page size and more formal approach to news reporting. Newspapers in the is group include: The Telegraph/Guardian/Times. Also known as broadsheets these newspapers predominantly target a middle class audience.

Media terminology used

Brand identity

The use of imagery and design to associate a product with a tightly controlled set of values or an ethos. Advertising campaigns reinforce or realign the brand values via story content or design decisions.

Serif font

A font that has an old-fashioned feel: Times New Roman, for example - used to create connotations of traditional, trust or formality.

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