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The Surgery (Radio 1)

Diverse ownership

Curran and Seaton

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Where Radio 4 is dominated by niche programming that serves a mature ABC1 audience, the station’s sister broadcaster, Radio One, targets a mainstream demographic aged 15 to 29. Yet even here the BBC showcases its public service remit to inform and educate - its diverse ownership status steering the content of R1 towards a clear civic-minded remit.


The Surgery for instance is a weekly slot that fields health based questions. Staffed by impartial experts and medically trained professionals it offers advice, guidance and support on issues ranging from sexual health to sleep hygiene. The Surgery links to Seaton and Curran’s thinking by:


1. Giving impartial expert advice from a diversity of informed contributors.


2. Combining an entertainment driven format with serious discussion that is designed to benefit its listeners.


3. Inviting audiences to join in health debates via Twitter hashtags.


4. Ensuring that key contributors and presenters come from diverse social and ethnic backgrounds.


5. Raising awareness of sensitive public interest issues including gender politics and body shaming.


An audience group who prioritise safety/comfort when making purchases. This group typically follow the crowd, buying risk free products that are tried and tested. This group are highly family oriented.

Media terminology used

Diverse ownership

A term used to describe media companies or organisations that produce content for reasons other than commercial gain. Diverse ownership includes public service broadcasters.

Public service broadcaster

A media organisation that doesn't make products for commercial gain. The BBC's TV license funding, for example, allows it to produce minority interest content that informs and educates.

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