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Fan activity as digital labour


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Humans was marketed in a unique way, fully utilising new technologies in order to promote a commercial savvy Humans fandom. 

Promoting such a fandom produced huge benefits for the show’s producers, Channel 4.

A loyal fan base, for example, provided free marketing for the show - their retweets and social media posts surrounding narrative content acting as a form of free digital labour that translates into increased profits and product visibility for show’s broadcasters.

Fan activity also invests the product with a high quality brand identity, nurturing the show as a 'must see’ viewing experience for more ordinary audiences. 

Fan activity too promotes loyal engagement, while repeated fan viewings on streaming services translate into swollen viewing stats that the producer can use to maximise advertising profits.

Audience/producer convergence

Refers to audience/producer interconnectivity in the digital era. Fan activity, for example, can force makers to adapt content. Producers, conversely, use fan networks to distribute/market their output.

Media terminology used

Media flow

Refers to the distribution of professional media products using the digital networks of audiences. Fans, for example, might call attention to a product by 'liking' or 'reposting' content.

Fan labour

The work (often free of charge) executed by fans and audiences that helps media makers to distribute and/or market their output.

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