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Media Theory Revision Guide

All A level theorists covered alongside revision summaries and exam practise exercises.




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Fixed and On Demand distribution


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LNWH was initially broadcast during an 11:00pm to Midnight slot, enabling an intimate and in-depth discussion of taboo topics - an editorial direction that would not be possible on the show's 10am daytime counterpart. 

LNWH's fixed schedule distribution format under Emma Barnett's stewardship, however, has been replaced by a shorter podcast friendly structure with over 2000 episodes that are available to download on both the Woman's Hour and LNWH web portals. 

Downloads usually offer 15 minute discussion based segments that are curated using clickbait themed titles like Alone Time, Not Wanting Children and other female friendly topics. It is important to note that the Radio 4 host station is used to brand content for its discerning middle class audience.

Personalised scheduling

A term used to describe the time shifted consumption of contemporary media. Streaming services, for example, enables users to watch their favourite television shows on demand.

Media terminology used

ABC1 demographic

Also known as 'white collar workers', this audience have middle-class job roles. This demographic group are often targeted by media producers because they attract big advertising revenues.

On demand


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