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Regulation of BBC Radio

Livingstone and Lunt

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As a result of being produced by the BBC, LNWH offers audiences content that actively demonstrates a PSB oriented ethos with an accompanying commitment to offer impartiality and quality programming. LNWH adheres to strict editorial codes to ensure content accuracy is maintained and that wider moral issues aren't infringed. In this sense, we might argue that the show voluntarily affects a citizen oriented regulatory code. 

This commitment is best exemplified via the show's use of high calibre contributors, with guests largely invited who have an established journalistic pedigree. The presence of Yomi Adegoke, a Guardian journalist and author of Slay in Your Lane, in the episode we analysed provides an excellent example of this


Stands for public service broadcaster. PSB's create programming that aim to entertain, inform and educate. They also make programming for minority audiences.

Media terminology used

Citizen based regulation

A regulatory system that outlines a civic role for the media, achieved by setting quotas for public service programming and by closely monitoring content so that it doesn't cause harm or offense.


Self-regulation devolves regulatory decisions to industry practitioners. Self-regulation means that producers assume responsibility for policing/gatekeeping content they make and broadcast.

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