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LNWH Digital Effects Marketing


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Digital technology also provides some cost effective marketing and promotion for the show. The Woman's Hour and Radio 4's Twitter profiles, for example, circulate clickbait links, while also offering some capacity for limited audience feedback. Emma Barnett too uses her 160K+ Twitter following to generate publicity, highlighting key moments in the show, which in turn constructs a faux personal connection with listeners that analogue radio cannot reproduce. 

Jenkins too tells us that contemporary media producers increasingly depend upon audience connectivity to distribute products via the online networks of end users. Some fans of LNWH certainly use digital technology to help expand LNWH's circulation by, for example, advertising links to set text episodes using the show generated hashtags (#latenightwomanshour) and by retweeting producer-led clickbait links.

Media flows


Media terminology used

Hashtag marketing

The use of social media hashtags by producers to channel audience engagement. Appropriation allows audiences to interact with mass media content.

Audience feedback

When audiences 'talk back' to makers via online technologies. Contemporary producers increasingly realise that they must facilitate audience feedback if they are to be commercially successful.

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