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Daily Mirror

Technology, audiences and the Daily Mirror


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As a result of the digital revolution accessibility, and, more importantly smartphone ownership, contemporary audiences demand access to digital news. The Mirror has responded to this demand with a mobile first editorial policy that means news output is continuously uploaded and updated to orchestrate the live coverage feel of a contemporary news brand. 

The Mirror too has used this transition to a digital first organisation to rebrand, repositioning itself as the “Intelligent tabloid” while using the #madeuthink twitter hashtag to widen the paper’s demographic reach to a tech savvy readership who are more likely to be better educated and younger than the paper's traditional print audience. 

The online content offered by the Mirror is similarly slanted to that readership, offering, for example, a bespoke ‘celebs’ web sub section, with interactivity enabled through reader comment features and the ability to personalise content based on reader location preferences.

Mobile first

A term used to describe the precedence of online news over print in contemporary newspapers. Priority is given to uploading and optimising live news to service smartphone consumption.

Media terminology used

Demographic profiling

A way of categorising audiences, usually dividing consumers into groups using variable such as their age, gender, income, education attainment levels, occupation or marital status.

Audience interactivity


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