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Daily Mirror

Vertical integration and Reach PLC

Curran and Seaton

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Reach PLC can also be described as a vertically aligned conglomerate, using a variety of subsidiaries to fulfill vital production, distribution and promotion functions. 

Reach Printing Services, for example, offers a centralised printing facility for all its papers, rationalising production costs for all newspapers produced by the parent company, while ownership of Reach Solutions offers advertisers a comprehensive ad placement service that no single publisher alone could coordinate. 

Reach PLC’s 50% stake in the Brand Events subsid also provides vital publicity for the company’s papers at a host of public events via the organisation's nationwide food and car roadshows.


A company controlled by a much larger company.

Media terminology used

Cost rationalisation

A type of strategy used by producers that reduces production costs. Bulk buying, for example, allows media producers to save money on raw materials.

Vertical integration

Ownership of subsidiaries that enables a media producer to produce, promote and distribute products. This expansion strategy allows conglomerates to control all aspects of production.

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