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Black Panther

Star Power


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Disney foregrounds star power within its marketing campaign in order to construct global visibility for the Black Panther Marvel movie. 

It is no accident that Martin Freeman appears within one of the first scenes - his presence generates engagement for a UK based audience who are familiar with Freeman’s work in the Office, and also for a global audience familiar with the hugely successful Hobbit franchise. The use of Kendrick Lamar to write and produce the soundtrack for the film also creates visibility and credibility for black audiences - particularly amongst the film’s younger demographic target. 

Similarly, the lure of Michael B Jordan – known for his role in the hit film, Creed - creates mainstream global interest and reinforces the high-budget credentials of the film. Hesmondhalgh would argue that the use of star power, in this sense, helps to minimise the inherent risks associated with film production - and, significantly, that the formatting of media products using star power helps secure an inherited audience for products.

Star power

The inclusion of celebrity orientated content within the range of stories offered to the reader.

Media terminology used

Brand visibility

Those processes that make audiences aware of a product's existence. Also describes the level of awareness that audiences have of a marketed product.

Pre-sold audience

A pre-existing audience for a media product - usually constructed through the use of star power or because a product is heavily marketed as genre driven. Both of these formatting techniques create pre-release fan appeal.

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