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Global distribution and LNWH


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The internet, theoretically speaking, provides the BBC with the means to reach a global audience. Importantly, however, the iPlayer app isn't legally available to audiences outside the UK - a decision the organisation have taken so content can only be consumed  by UK based BBC license fee payers only. 

Of course, social media enables some global access, with a limited archive of ten minute clips (usually with salacious titles such 'We Need to Talk About Masturbation') having been curated by the BBC under the Radio 4 banner and made available on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook to construct an online presence for the show that is also globally accessible. 

Ultimately, however, LNWH's global reach is limited. The use, moreover, of regional hosts further exemplifies the BBC's defined distribution intentions, with both Lauren Laverne and Emma Barnett selected as a result of their regional idenitites, further suggesting that LNWH is and always was designed for a UK audience only.


Globalisation refers to the way that media products began to be produced and shared across the globe. Globalisation enabled audiences to consume ideas that they previously had not been able to access. Gauntlett tells us that this allowed audiences to move beyond the fixed/traditional identities thrust upon them by local social forces.

Media terminology used

TV License



The control of media content or the vetting of material allowed to be published or broadcast. Shirky tells us that traditional media broadcasters use gatekeeping process to maintain the quality of their products or to make sure that product content is accurate.

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