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Radio Podcasting and Distribution


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The use of podcasting as the principal mechanism for distribution reflects the eclipsing power of the digital revolution in radio, a revolution that has enabled radio producers to offer on demand content via internet portals. 

The BBC's iPlayer radio app also plays a pivotal role in channelling users to niche radio output, offering audiences the ability to connect with new content using app generated recommendations based upon pre-existing listener consumption. 

Podcast downloads, importantly, also enable the show to offer content for contemporary commuter audiences who primarily consume radio output via the technologically converged presence of smartphone technology in today's media landscape. 

LNWH also takes advantage of the multimedia capacity of digital distribution - supplementing its audio podcasts with a variety of short AV clips. Such clips are occasionally distributed via BBC Radio 4's Facebook and YouTube presence and also via Woman Hour's Twitter feed.

Niche audience

A very small audience segment. An audience that might be identified by a set of highly specific demographic or behavioural variables

Media terminology used

Technological convergence

The bringing together of several technologies (internet/telephone/games console) into one device (a smartphone).


Tailoring a user's media experience to suit their individual needs or tastes. Web based personalisation is usually enabled by web cookies - automated snippets of computer code that record user behaviours. Web cookies can be used to personalise the advertising in a user's scroll or to connect users to favorited content.

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