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Daily Mirror

Economic context effects on the Mirror

Curran and Seaton

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The overriding economic factor affecting the Daily Mirror revolves around its declining newspaper readership as affected by new media technologies. 

To partially combat declining the resulting profit drain from that declining readership, the Daily Mirror has engaged in a program of brand diversification. As a trusted popular press brand, the Mirror has used its product visibility to push a variety of non-media related products in the clothing, homeware and gardening sectors all of which are heavily advertised in the paper via prominently placed print advertorials. 

To further arrest declining profits, the Daily Mirror affects, much like other newspapers, an ever softer editorial mix, leveraging mainstream audience appeal through extended coverage of the royal family, sports news and a celebrity oriented features. 

In the edition that we explored these softer news stories accounted for more than 65% of the content, with harder political analysis pushed to pages 5 and 6. Curran and Seaton would suggest that this approach enables newspapers to maintain mass readerships within a highly competitive National news market.

Multiple revenue stream


Media terminology used

Brand visibility

Advertising tactics that increase an audience's awareness and knowledge of a product. Social media campaigns, for example, make products visible in user feeds, telling users the benefits of product use.


Web based content that is really an advert for a product. Vloggers, however, have to now identify when content is sponsored by commercial companies in their YouTube Uploads.

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