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Jungle Book

Genre labelling


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Both the 1967 and 2016 trailers use genre labelling to develop a clear narrative image for both versions of the Jungle Book. The 1967 film is advertised as a ‘musical high-flying singing adventure’ - signalling action based narrative expectations whilst also suggesting that the product will afford pleasure through spectacle.


The 2016 remake is less overt in its application of genre labelling, yet the foregrounding of adventure based expectations is constructed by the ‘makers of Pirates of the Caribbean’ inter-title. Similarly the trailer’s otherworldly setting and minor key soundtrack suggest genre hybridity through the presence of fantasy based motifs.


The application of hybridised intertextual-relay in this instance expands the target audience of the product by piggybacking on the success of other genres and the critical acclaim of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Pleasure of spectacle


Media terminology used

Genre hybridity


Intertextual relay


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